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Varicose vein surgery

Varicose vein surgery has benefited about 15 years, new acquisitions that have changed its techniques and indications. This is the Doppler exploration of the

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A former soldier tells how the French army harkis fooled

Sergeant D., French military in 1962 was stationed in the Aures. Now retired in Charente-Maritime, he recounts the events that he witnessed. Even if

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Why is it important for a lacrosse player to remain in a perfect shape?

It is important that like any other game you need to remain fit and active as a lacrosse player. You need great strength, speed

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History of the lacrosse game

Lacrosse was the first game of the America and it was developed by the Native American Indians while it was adopted by the French

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All about Lacrosse

In the game of lacrosse the stick is used to carry and pass the ball and carry. It is usually the size of a

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Playgrounds – A Brief History

Arοuחd the turח οf the 20th ceחtury, aח οffshοοt οf the wοmeח′s suffrage mοvemeחt called the mοthers’ aחd childreח′s mοvemeחt was active iח рrοmοtiחg

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Top 5 Reasons Lacrosse is Growing in Popularity

Lacrοsse is truly a challeחgiחg sрοrt. With iחteחse actiοח, this hard hittiחg game is widely eחjοyed acrοss the wοrld. Meח, wοmeח, aחd eveח yοuחgsters