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Hi guys this is Jereon, from New Jersey. I am a big sport lover and have been a Lacrosse player at the school level. I come from a family of sports persons which has influenced me in becoming one myself. A small accident during my college days had denied me the opportunity to become the player of my dreams, but my love for the game has never ceased.

In the intention of giving it all to the game I loved playing so much, I began this blog which can help young Lacrosse aspirants.In a view to get all information about the game and its necessities, I have made this blog as an information center. The basics about the game, the equipment and gear that is essential, the rules, etc., are some of the many necessities that you can find here.

More over, for the benefit of existing players, I have also mentioned the various competitions that are held in various places, both at local and international levels. As a toast to the game I love so much, I have also provided a digital version that will help you to play and understand the game better. I hope you enjoy the fun and all the inputs that I have given and will continue to give at powlesslacrosse.com.

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