Lacrosse’s predecessors

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India had a variety of games in common like the ball and stick game. Ta-be is one of the game similar to modern hockey. It’s actually a tribal game. They played with carefully shaped sticks made of Hickory and other woods which had the nets on the end made of leather, or deer hide or Elm barks. These games were called as bagattaway and are predecessors of Lacrosse.
Those days they were not just games, they were like religious ceremonies or huge festivals. It was organized for months together and lasted for many days. The inauguration for such sports had its own significance. Some of them call is as an Indian game which later got organized to be called as Lacrosse. Initially this game was trained for people to become warriors. It was an important part of Indian culture and was played in the name of Gods. The ancient tribes call it as a ‘little brother of wars’
Many hundreds of people used to participate in this game and it would spread to acres of land, lasting for several days and several miles. So Indians call it as an extension of the ‘stick and the ball game’. The Indian stick was shaped like a Shepard’s staff with a crook on one end. They attached a net which is now the new version of the game.
Its not known when Europeans got introduced to this game but the North American Indians play were at the peak in the 1800, till Dr.Beer gave a organized version of Lacrosse in the 19th century. As some consider this game as a gift of ‘Thunderers’, the Potawotomi tradition speaks elaborately on the sport. They have two teams of five members each and one is blindfolded to pick the stick which already had marks on it. A team is formed in random based on the stick that belongs to each team.
As saying goes ‘old is gold’, we keep repeating the old wine in a new bottle.

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    3 Comments on "Lacrosse’s predecessors"

  1. encoxnat says:

    It was played by some native canadians, this is what i know

  2. teadoGem says:

    I agree with cahasype. It demands more energy and stamina. You should have the guts to face a speeding ball.

  3. Cahasype says:

    It is still a game that is feared by the tender hearted.

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