Lacrosse – A Game Of Pace

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What this game has to say for kids!

This magnificent team sport picks up with a pace. It strengthens your legs and upper portion of the body. It encourages kids to be a part of it because they like to socialize, wear team uniforms, visit schools and make new friends. Parents need not be apprehensive about this game, because it takes care of the main 4 domains viz, physical, intellectual, social and mental.

The 4 domains: As this sport combines hockey, baseball and soccer it enhances the physical ability by and large. The mental ability strengthens as they work towards a defined goal. The intellectual part is appreciated by understanding different moves at difficult hits and helps them to move forward to catch up with the growing pace of the world they are heading to. Finally children get the enjoyment of socializing with others.

Benefits: This sport helps to check obesity which is a growing concern with kids. As this game starts from sunup to sundown, it hardly gives them the time to get blocked before the television with a junk food. Lack of activity would lower down the metabolism of the children which may lead to putting weight easier.  Children need to be out in the field to buy some fresh air and exhaust themselves and be healthier.

Nowadays children are termed hyperactive or sober and so on. These can be completely washed out if the child is given an opportunity to direct its energy in a constructed way. Children who are sober have to be induced to catch up with the pace the world is growing and need to be among the group of active learners. This sport is advocated to children from grade2 and above so as to constantly improves their gross and fine motor skills. The nuances of the game is best learnt by the children, so let’s pave way for a better tomorrow by directing their energy constructively.


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