Rules and other important points about lacrosse

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Lacrosse was developed by the Native American and it was played using small and hard rubber ball and a racquet accompanied with a long handle. There are three kinds of lacrosse like field lacrosse, box and women lacrosse. There are several rules of playing this game that you must consider while playing.
Before you start to read about the rules I will like to point out the equipments and positioning of the game. Stick, face mask and helmet are the basic requirements. Similarly, in order to protect yourself you need shoulder pads, rib pads, elbow pads and gloves. In case you are playing as a goal keeper you need to wear chest and throat protectors.
While playing lacrosse you must keep in mind that there are four positions. As an attack man your duty is to charge with the scoring goals for the entire team. Dexterity is highly required for playing in this position because it is important to know how to use the stick here. At the same time you also need to have flexibility and quick ability for movement. Usually each team has three attack men while playing the game.
The role of a midfielder is to facilitate both the offense and defense because the denefense men are responsible for ensuring that the ball does not reach the goal post. If the ball passes from the denefense men then it is the job of the goal keeper to resist the opponent from scoring the points.
There are usually 10 players in a team and it consist of 3 defensemen, 3 attack men, 3 midfielder and 1 goal keeper. After hearing the whistle one player can start for the game while others have to wait until one of the player’s able o take control of the ball. During the game two players should be positioned in the wing, three in the attack area, four in the defense clearing and one in the middle.

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    Thanks for this site on lacrosse

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    It is not a wrestling, it has got rules of its own

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    No Rules, Just Bash up your Opponent

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    Nicely accumulated Points on the game. Keep going

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