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The game rules vary from Men to Women. Let us analyze some of them.

Men’s game is played by ten players in each team. We have a goalie and three defensemen and three midfielders and three attack men. The main goal is to shoot the ball into the opponent’s team. The score board is the ultimate determiner. There is something called the defensive side which has got four players again and three in the offensive half. Three players are allowed to roam in the field.

Usually the game stretch upto 60 minutes , divided into 15 min quarter. This is essentially suited for the college students. The high school play for a duration of 48 minutes with 12 minute quarters. This is most suitable for school children as they start to develop the sportsmanship skills this age. There are some youth games also which prolong for 32 minutes with 8 min quarters.

There is a break time of two minutes between the first and the second quarters. The teams also change sides as in any other game and the team that starts to play is decided on a coin toss. The winning team of the toss chooses to defend first.

The ball is placed between the sticks of the two players from each team. A player can have body contact only from the front side. Aggressive body checking is discouraged and penalties are briefed for every conduct. A referee, umpire and field judge are the main people in the judgment team.

Now let’s talk about the rules for Women. Are they same or different?

Before a game begins the stick of every player is checked by the umpire. The pocket of the stick should not be too deep is what illegality means here. For a major foul, a free shot is given for the opponent team. The player cannot do checking, which means she cannot knock the ball from another person’s stick. Covering the ball with the back side of the stick’s net is strictly prohibited. Other general rules remain the same for both the genders.

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