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Lacrosse – in the digital gaming era

Where the game clock and score board are the sole determiners for this game, we also find this is in the digital form for people who cannot get out to the field to play. I had an opportunity to see this game in the internet and was astonished. It is exactly the way I could see the players playing in the field. It is more users friendly and organized. The indoor lacrosse is slightly different from the one played in the field only in terms of the 4 periods instead of 3.
As we see children set with a lot of digital games. Some are useful and some understood. So even digital games if it can help children in any of the four domains viz, physical, mental , social and intellectual would be appreciated. Children are either blocked with Television or some digital kind of stuffs, it’s always good to go out to the field and breathe some fresh air. Even otherwise this game played digitally helps in the same way played at the open because it does not differentiate much while playing.
A survey shows children as young as eight sit for hours together in the system. Where parents are busy outside at work and they are left with some nanny at home, they choose to have their own way of life. This way a game that can help in their mental abilities coupled with discipline and other physical strengths are welcomed by the society.
Apart from violence and harsh behavior, children also learn content and vital skills from digital games. Children untapped ability with their enthusiasm in transforming learning is achieved through digital games. So the prime responsibility lay on the creators and constructors of such games. Lacrosse is not a harsh game and has wide scope of building best sportsmanship in children and elders, so why not go for it….