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Lacrosse and its paraphernalia

We have some updates for you starting from 1971 to 2012 the champions of the game – lacrosse
• In 1971, Cornel won at the Hampsted stadium NY
• In 1972, Virginia at the college park, MD
• In 1973 we could see Maryland coming back to championship at the franklin field PD
As we go down we can see the recent champions Maryland for the last two years 2011 and 2012 from Gillette stadium and M&T bank stadium. The 2014 is scheduled to be at the same bank stadium were as the next year is scheduled for Lincoln stadium. As we roll down these facts we can see that the northeastern and mid-atlantic states have been the major participants of this game. This is not because the awareness has been limited. It actually means that the advantages have not been realized by other states.
We should make an awareness campaign as to this wonderful game that is ages past now organized in a new format for all sports lovers. This game has its own benefits of combining hockey, soccer and baseball extracting all the skills of each play in one form. We also hear of Lacrosse being played as fund raisers too.
Who can play this game? – Anyone who has got a taste for hockey or soccer or even baseball can opt for this game. It has earned a name ‘a fastest game on two feet’. Now with the increasing awareness this game has started even with grade 3 students. Children are mainly coached in a unique aspect of retaining the formulae of the monkey game in the initial stages. Then they proceed with the rules of the game. This enthuse the non-initiators to participate in the game.
Sky is the limit for happiness with a handful of ‘stick and a ball’