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Lacrosse- A Game With A Sling

An emerging game of the great Canadian sport has all its advantages. Traditionally this game was played by the Native Americans of 100 people from opposing villages. Now we have a new version of Lacrosse, a game with a sling. We have two teams, of 10 members each. They carry a stick with a triangular head with a mesh attached to it. This is used to catch, carry and throw the ball for a goal. The long stick is called “crosses” and basically earned the name, “la crosse” in French. The Americans called it as ‘baggataway’ and organized it as a game in the 19th century.
The game has two time outs and the duration depends on the participating players. The collegiate plays for 60mins, the high school children for 40mins and the youth for 35mins. Each of them has 15 to 12 min quarters for the same. The main object of the game is to sling the ball into an opponent’s goal by dodging. This game is suited for all kinds of ages. It takes a certain skill combining hockey, baseball and football with a mix of athletics. A player learns how to deal when experience the different hits.
The father of this game is William George Beers, who lived in the 19th century. Dr Beers on a tour to England showcased this sport to Queen Victoria who was pleased, advocated to the English girl’s schools in 1890. This paved the way for women to take up the sport gradually. This game builds endurance and helps to be focused. Any goal is build with confidence and commitment. This paves a way in the sports world with much more opportunities to strengthen our physical and intellectual abilities.